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Tonight I made a visit to my favorite thrift store, Ohio Thrift in GC. I’ve been going there for years, finding it back in my Nationwide days, when I worked in Grove City. In all the years I perused the store I never paid attention to their books or crafts. Last year my Mom and I went just to get out of the house and to save some change if we bought anything. We looked at their books and were pleasantly surprised. Their books were sorted by hardback and paperback and novels versus other book types! Oh yeah, the novels are also sorted in alphabetical order by author! After that visit I just kept wanting to go back.

About a month ago my friend Kim and her son came into town to go to a concert. While they were in town, we had planned to hit some book stores and the thrift store went on that list. While we were there we looked at the crafts which just happened to have a nice variety of yarn. To my delight there was a lot of very nice, high end yarn. I bought everything that I liked and was nice and let my mom get what she wanted.

I went home and planned what I was going to make with the yarn. I have not made anything with it yet but it is there looking very pretty!

Don’t forget to check out your local Thrift and discount stores. You may even find miscellaneous items you can use for your art and crafts or for use around your home.

Thrift On!