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I am a resident of Columbus Oh that loves all things Handmade! I'm a craft artisan that knits, crochets, quilts, does paper crafting & makes beaded jewelry. I am also passionate about reading. One day I hope to write my own book or two!

Care for your Knit and Crochet Wears


When giving care instructions to customers and potential customers, I usually give the instructions of what the label of the yarn I use says.  I wanted to take this opportunity to elaborate since just saying Machine Washable and Dryable isn’t enough for me.

I normally wash my knitted and crocheted items in lingerie bags.  Cold water gentle cycle.  I never use warm or hot water.  Even if the label says to wash in warm, warm water can make your colors bleed or wear them out faster.

Depending on the item, if its more intricate, I will put it on a drying rack to let it dry thoroughly.  If it is a scarf that is made with a bulky yarn or a scarf that is made with worsted weight yarn (the most commonly used yarn) I will put it in the dryer on a gentler cycle than normal.  On my dryer I have a Knit cycle.

If your label says to lay flat to dry, you may want to use a towel to dab it mostly dry and then lay it out flat to dry. Sometimes laying it out flat to dry without using the towel first will take your clothing several days, if not a week to dry out.

If your label says to hand wash, Please Hand Wash Only.  I’ve been brave and used the delicate cycle for some hand washed clothing (not knit) and it worked out fabulously, but I never did that with knitted items that said to hand wash.

There are drying racks avaible that you can purchase on-line that are mesh that allow you to lay your item out flat and it will dry a little bit faster.

I use the good old fashion drying racks where you throw your sweater over the bar.  I have never had an issue with that either.

Most instructions given by the yarn companies are to insure the longevity of your item.  My instructions, unless just a very badly made item, Will insure the longevity.  I have scarves almost 17 years old that look only a few years old, if that!



Waiting to get word back


So today is the day I find out if I got into a craft show that I applied to.  The application said the vendors will get notified via e-mail by October 12th.  Here it is the 12th!!!! I’m checking my e-mail at least once every half hour.  Sometimes once ever 5 minutes!  I guess I wouldn’t be stressing so much if they hadn’t already cashed my check. I probably would have just assumed that I hadn’t gotten in if the check wasn’t cashed.   The promoter cashed it over two weeks ago.  Normally when that happens it means you’ve been accepted.  Almost all shows I’ve ever participated in did not cash your check before you were accepted into the show.  If you were not accepted, they sent your check back.  Sometimes, the show promoters didn’t ask for money until they have decided if you got in or not.

Approximately 3 weeks ago my mom and I participated in a show that did the same thing.  They cashed our check at least two weeks before notifying us that we had been accepted into the show.  Exasperating!!!

I searched this promoter’s website and another site they are affiliated with and there are NO adds about the craft show.  Should I be worried?

My focus for now is getting pictures taken of my wares (wears!) and get them on-line.  It’s been hard with the weather and with me working most of the daylight hours.  I’m not complaining (or at least I’m not trying to).  I know this is something I need to do and something I need to make time to do.

So even though I have the anticipation of whether or not I got into the show, I have plenty of work ahead of me and other avenues of moneymaking that I’m exploring.

Buenas Dias!


Franklin Church Craft Bazaar Today


Come on out and meet some talented artisans. There is a nice range of items including hand crafted Holiday cards, little girl Tutus, quilted art and household items.


Directions to the church: Rt 161 to New Albany Rd, exit. Go North follow along to right on Central College, go about 2 miles and Franklin Church is on the right.

Helpful Tip Of The Day – Shopping Cart Seatbelts


Another use for them:


I use the seatbelt to secure my purse when I am shopping. I link the seatbelt through my purse strap and lock it in.

Please keep in mind it is still best to stay by your cart and keep an eye on your purse. But, if you happen to be looking at something you won’t have to be as worried. It won’t be easy for someone to snatch your purse as they walk by.

One more thing, keep your zippers and snaps closed with any valuables secured inside. Don’t leave your purse open. Someone can “craftily” take your valuables without you ever knowing it.

Always Be Aware of your Surroundings!

Holiday Craft Bazaar -October 4th – Saturday at Briggs Road Baptist Church


From 9 am until 3 pm Briggs Road Baptist Church will be holding their annual Holiday Craft Bazaar.

The address is 3231 Briggs Rd, Columbus, OH. Many different types of Art and Crafts will be featured there.

CrazyCraftNLadies will be there! We will


have hand knitted and crocheted accessories. Our items include Scarves, Hats, Hand Warmers (fingerless gloves), different styles of bags and more.

Please stop in and check us out!

Getting Ready for First Craft Show of the Season


Right now I am downloading the Square Reader on my phone. Should have done this earlier in the week but it wasn’t on my mind.

Trying to get two pre-ordered scarfs done. Both are ribbed. It is an easy knit as far as the pattern but takes quite a bit of time. One is a solid color and the other is variegated. I have been alternating them as to not get bored and to not “kill” my eyesight. The solid one is black! I also need very good lighting to see my stitches.

Tomorrow night we will be getting our inventory and supplies together that we are taking. My mom and I have decided not to take all of our inventory. Some things we are rethinking and others we are revamping for future shows and on-line selling.

Stayed tuned for Craft show dates and times and for new patterns by yours truly!

Helpful Tip of the Day – Old T-Shirts or T-Shirts that may be tattered


Never throw anything out that you can re-purpose…..that is, if you’re going to use it!

I grabbed an old T-Shirt on my way out of the house today to cut it up to use it as a cloth to clean off the screen of my Nook.  On my drive into work, I was thinking about the different ways to re-purpose an old T-Shirt.

My White T-Shirt is actually in good condition other than it has a hole the size of a pencil erasure right in the middle of the Torso.  Yeah, I wore it around the house.  Yeah I wore it in the early morning hours or in the late night hours when I would have to take Brandy, my dog, out to go potty, but today I needed a cleaning cloth.  Most T’s are made of cotton and those are the only T’s I would use for cleaning because they normally don’t scratch surfaces.  They are great for cleaning off your Tablet screens, your TV and Computer Monitor screens, but they are also great for cleaning your glasses and to use for dusting.

My suggestion for cleaning cloths  is to cut them out in squares that are a little bit larger than your hand.  This gives you a good grip especially if you are dusting.  You won’t get goo on your hand if you use cleaners for dusting.

Another idea for re-purposing T-Shirts is to remake them.  You can cut off the arms and add embellishment where the seam is.  You can add other types of cloth.  In my case where the hole was in the torso area, you can cut off the T and add a piece of fabric of another color or fabric that has a design on it.  You can even combine two old T-shirts to make one!  In doing this, you might find you like it and have a crafty item to make for yourself, family and friends or make them to sell.

Happy Re-purposing!