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When Illness Gets the Best of You


I decided to share this because I haven’t really been online doing much with my knit and crochet business.  I haven’t been blogging much at all and haven’t been doing much with my Etsy shop.

I haven’t been feeling well for a long time.  I’m just now getting to the point where I feel well enough that I can do better for myself.

So let me tell you a little story…about 3 years ago, I had to rush my mom to the hospital.  She was not herself, talking funny, not eating and only drinking ginger ale and sometimes orange juice if I could get her to take a drink of that.  One afternoon I called her from work to see if she was up.  She wasn’t.  She was still in bed.  I told her she needed to get up and at least get some breakfast.  She assured me she would and I hung up.  All of the sudden I got this overwhelming feeling that something wasn’t right.  I went to talk to my manager at work and let her know what was going on because I might have to leave.  My manager said, if you feel like you need to leave and take care of your mom go now.  I am grateful to her for that! Later on the doctor told me that if I wouldn’t have taken her to the hospital when I did, I would have come home and found her dead.  [This blog wasn’t published originally when I typed it up and this still makes me cry. See update at the end of this post for time.]

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