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Day of the Dead


In preparation for the Day of the Dead Festival in Columbus, Ohio, I made lots of bracelets! I underestimated the time it would take for me to make enough to fill a jar I had for them. The jar is next to Kaiyah in the picture below. As it turns out 222 bracelets fit in the jar without stuffing them in.

I spent 3 evenings in a row sorting and stringing beads. I didn’t have a bad time. I caught up on some of my DVR’d shows.

But the best part was spending quality time with Kitty Kaiyah!

She was so interested in what I was doing she sat next to the tray for a long time! She didn’t even swipe at the beads (that time!).


Happy Fall


Leaves picked up on a walk during lunchtime

It’s that time of year where we breathe with a sigh that the cooler weather is coming. I live in Central Ohio and the weather from Winter 2017 – 2018 was so cold it was almost unbearable and then the warmer weather came and it went from cool to hot in 60 seconds. I’m over the high 80s to 90’s weather and want to enjoy fall!

With that said I am looking forward to our two October Shows this year. The Day of The Dead Festival at Green Lawn Cemetery on October 20th and the Columbus Mennonite Church Holiday Festival on October 27th. Both will be featuring Fall colors in hats, scarves and hand mitts. At the Day of the Dead Festival we are also featuring brighter colors in Hats and Hand Mitts, Halloween colors and Day of the Dead Jewelry.

Halloween Hand Mitt

Day of the Dead plastic beaded Bracelets

Green Lawn Cemetery Columbus

1000 Greenlawn Ave., 43223

Columbus Mennonite Church

35 Oakland Park Ave., 43214-4146

Looking forward to seeing you there!