A Cause and a Kitty Kat Hat to boot!


How this started for me was a friend contacting me to ask me to make this Pussy Hat that was going around on FB.  The hats were being made to wear to the Women’s March that was going to be on Washington DC the day after the Presidential Inauguration.  Here, in Columbus Ohio,  they hosted their own Women’s March the Sunday before the Inauguration.

The Pussy Hat Project was born of two women from California that had an idea to make hats that resembled cats to wear in response to standing up to Donald Trump for Women’s Rights.  It is also a way to take back the name Pussy, which is a term men use in negative reference to having sex with women, or referring to women as sex objects in general.

All women, no matter your religious affiliation, no matter your political affiliation, no matter your race should all stand together for women’s rights.  It has taken us way too long to get to where we are at, and an all male, or mostly male government, should not be allowed to make laws to tell us what to do with our bodies.

***I feel that I need to add this because I do not agree with abortions as a resource for birth control.  If you get pregnant, an abortion is killing a child, it is not preventing pregnancy, it is ending a life.  However, I do agree with a woman being able to have an abortion if her life depends on ending her pregnancy.  I also agree with being able to have an abortion if you are pregnant due to a rape, especially children that are raped and become pregnant.  A woman also has the right to decide to keep her baby whether it is of rape or other circumstances.***

I do not believe that we will ever be able to take back the word Pussy and make it mean something good here in America.   I believe it will always be used in a derogatory manner by less than stellar human beings.  That’s just the reality of it.  So I renamed the hats that my Mom and I made to Kitty Kat Hats.  Kitty  to replace the other name, and Kat, with a K, named after my cat, Kaiyah, who happens to be the most beautiful Kitty cat in the world!  That is a momma’s bragging rights isn’t it?!!!

I would like to push this movement a bit further……I don’t want the hats to be just a symbol of the Women’s March.  I want the hats to show support for all the predominant Women’s causes!  Pink was used because it’s a universal color for women and girls, but it is also the color that shows support for Breast Cancer Awarness.  Breast Cancer that has affected my family and friends personally.  I also want to show support for other causes, like heart disease (red), the unknown killer of women, and domestic violence (purple).

Of course, there are many other causes (colors) and I am always willing to make regular hats and Kitty Kat Hats in those colors.

P.S. My mom and I both donate to different charities, I donate through my work (my 9 to 5 job).  We donate individually to Komen Race for the Cure, Kidney Foundation, ASPCA and Best Friends Animal Society on a regular basis.  We also donate to different charities throughout the year; Mid Ohio Food Bank, St Judes and a few others.


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