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The Grandview Hop 2017


It sounds like a dance doesn’t it!  I love the name because it is so much more than a craft show.  Every year, Grandview Heights, Ohio hosts events during the Summer months that has live music, shopping, art and food!  The current hosts of this Hop are the Columbus Young Professionals Club and Destination Grandview.

CrazyCraftNLadies will be participating this year with the Creative Collective Imagin8 Columbus.  Our plan is to debut a new item each month of the Hop and have a show special for July and August.

The dates for the Hop are June 24th, this Saturday!, July 29th and August 26th.  The Grandview Hop is also offering a Bonus Hop on December 9th called the Holiday Hop!

The Grandview Hop is being held between First and Fifth Avenues on Grandview Avenue in Grandview Heights, Oh.

Stop by our booth and say hi!  We are giving away a free gift with purchase.  All vendors participating, Herbal Skin, Frock On Baby!, 21st Century Quilts and Curious Goods and CrazyCraftNLadies will all accept cash and credit/debit cards.,,


A Cause and a Kitty Kat Hat to boot!


How this started for me was a friend contacting me to ask me to make this Pussy Hat that was going around on FB.  The hats were being made to wear to the Women’s March that was going to be on Washington DC the day after the Presidential Inauguration.  Here, in Columbus Ohio,  they hosted their own Women’s March the Sunday before the Inauguration.

The Pussy Hat Project was born of two women from California that had an idea to make hats that resembled cats to wear in response to standing up to Donald Trump for Women’s Rights.  It is also a way to take back the name Pussy, which is a term men use in negative reference to having sex with women, or referring to women as sex objects in general.

All women, no matter your religious affiliation, no matter your political affiliation, no matter your race should all stand together for women’s rights.  It has taken us way too long to get to where we are at, and an all male, or mostly male government, should not be allowed to make laws to tell us what to do with our bodies.

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