Waiting to get word back


So today is the day I find out if I got into a craft show that I applied to.  The application said the vendors will get notified via e-mail by October 12th.  Here it is the 12th!!!! I’m checking my e-mail at least once every half hour.  Sometimes once ever 5 minutes!  I guess I wouldn’t be stressing so much if they hadn’t already cashed my check. I probably would have just assumed that I hadn’t gotten in if the check wasn’t cashed.   The promoter cashed it over two weeks ago.  Normally when that happens it means you’ve been accepted.  Almost all shows I’ve ever participated in did not cash your check before you were accepted into the show.  If you were not accepted, they sent your check back.  Sometimes, the show promoters didn’t ask for money until they have decided if you got in or not.

Approximately 3 weeks ago my mom and I participated in a show that did the same thing.  They cashed our check at least two weeks before notifying us that we had been accepted into the show.  Exasperating!!!

I searched this promoter’s website and another site they are affiliated with and there are NO adds about the craft show.  Should I be worried?

My focus for now is getting pictures taken of my wares (wears!) and get them on-line.  It’s been hard with the weather and with me working most of the daylight hours.  I’m not complaining (or at least I’m not trying to).  I know this is something I need to do and something I need to make time to do.

So even though I have the anticipation of whether or not I got into the show, I have plenty of work ahead of me and other avenues of moneymaking that I’m exploring.

Buenas Dias!



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