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Helpful Tip of the Day – Old T-Shirts or T-Shirts that may be tattered


Never throw anything out that you can re-purpose…..that is, if you’re going to use it!

I grabbed an old T-Shirt on my way out of the house today to cut it up to use it as a cloth to clean off the screen of my Nook.  On my drive into work, I was thinking about the different ways to re-purpose an old T-Shirt.

My White T-Shirt is actually in good condition other than it has a hole the size of a pencil erasure right in the middle of the Torso.  Yeah, I wore it around the house.  Yeah I wore it in the early morning hours or in the late night hours when I would have to take Brandy, my dog, out to go potty, but today I needed a cleaning cloth.  Most T’s are made of cotton and those are the only T’s I would use for cleaning because they normally don’t scratch surfaces.  They are great for cleaning off your Tablet screens, your TV and Computer Monitor screens, but they are also great for cleaning your glasses and to use for dusting.

My suggestion for cleaning cloths  is to cut them out in squares that are a little bit larger than your hand.  This gives you a good grip especially if you are dusting.  You won’t get goo on your hand if you use cleaners for dusting.

Another idea for re-purposing T-Shirts is to remake them.  You can cut off the arms and add embellishment where the seam is.  You can add other types of cloth.  In my case where the hole was in the torso area, you can cut off the T and add a piece of fabric of another color or fabric that has a design on it.  You can even combine two old T-shirts to make one!  In doing this, you might find you like it and have a crafty item to make for yourself, family and friends or make them to sell.

Happy Re-purposing!