Found Projects


I previously posted that I was looking for some new projects. Well, wish and you shall receive!

Baby Booties, baby blanket and maybe baby sweater for new Great Nephew.

Crochet Grocery bags – It is a set of four and I’m making 2 and my Mom is making two. If all goes well I will also make a set for a friend.

A scarf that I’m redoing to give to one of my Aunts for next winter. I made the scarf and then found a hat pattern that I really liked. My Mom suggested I redo the scarf to match the pattern of the hat. I didn’t really want to because the original took me so long but my Mom had already frogged the scarf! Sigh…….

A Blanket I promised my little cousin Thomas a couple of years ago. Yes, I forgot and then had to put it on the back burner a couple of times to prepare for some shows. (Yes I have a first cousin and a second cousin by the name of Thomas, not related to each other…)

As I’m writing this I’m thinking of promises I made to myself to make for other people….

Blankets knitted, crocheted or Quilted for my other younger generation of cousins I haven’t made anything for yet. Some of the ones that are still really young I may make toys, I do have some ideas in mind!

Fashion scarves or cowls for my Aunt’s and cousins that live in warmer weather and winter scarves for those that live in colder weather.

Hats for charity – thankfully I have a little extra time to deal with those since I take those to camp in Feb.

A throw for both my step mom and step sister. I need to make something for my nephew and step brother but have not thought of anything yet.

I cannot say that I do not have anything to do. What I can say is that I need motivation to do it. Since I started this post I have also come up with some new ideas for my Etsy shop, crocheted and knitted jewelry (arm cuffs and bracelets) and different style headbands. We do have some made but I need to finish putting them together.


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