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Found Projects


I previously posted that I was looking for some new projects. Well, wish and you shall receive!

Baby Booties, baby blanket and maybe baby sweater for new Great Nephew.

Crochet Grocery bags – It is a set of four and I’m making 2 and my Mom is making two. If all goes well I will also make a set for a friend.

A scarf that I’m redoing to give to one of my Aunts for next winter. I made the scarf and then found a hat pattern that I really liked. My Mom suggested I redo the scarf to match the pattern of the hat. I didn’t really want to because the original took me so long but my Mom had already frogged the scarf! Sigh…….

A Blanket I promised my little cousin Thomas a couple of years ago. Yes, I forgot and then had to put it on the back burner a couple of times to prepare for some shows. (Yes I have a first cousin and a second cousin by the name of Thomas, not related to each other…)

As I’m writing this I’m thinking of promises I made to myself to make for other people….

Blankets knitted, crocheted or Quilted for my other younger generation of cousins I haven’t made anything for yet. Some of the ones that are still really young I may make toys, I do have some ideas in mind!

Fashion scarves or cowls for my Aunt’s and cousins that live in warmer weather and winter scarves for those that live in colder weather.

Hats for charity – thankfully I have a little extra time to deal with those since I take those to camp in Feb.

A throw for both my step mom and step sister. I need to make something for my nephew and step brother but have not thought of anything yet.

I cannot say that I do not have anything to do. What I can say is that I need motivation to do it. Since I started this post I have also come up with some new ideas for my Etsy shop, crocheted and knitted jewelry (arm cuffs and bracelets) and different style headbands. We do have some made but I need to finish putting them together.


Not doing much crafty today


I’ve been catching up with some shows on Netflix, shows that I’ve saved in my queue, but haven’t had a chance to watch in forever. I think I just wanted a mindless weekend where I could just stay home and enjoy the weather.

I did make it outside with Brandy. We were out for about an hour. She fell asleep outside with her nose in a patch of dirt, Silly Girl! I kicked back took some books out with me, 3 creative and one spiritual – by the way I didn’t end up looking at any – my IPad and some water. I played a few games and watched a show and came back in the house to make lunch.

My Pal and partner in creative crime, Susi, called. We chit chatted for a few and now I’m contemplating what I am going to do next. I really need to clean. I really need to do laundry and I really need to find my next project. Oh the choices!

For those of you in central Ohio, I hope you have the chance to get outside today and enjoy Mother Nature!

To Do List – Saturday 4-13-2013


– Clean House -this is ongoing with so many parts. This could be a list all by itself!

– Take photos of handmade items to list on etsy site.

– Do laundry – I don’t consider this a part of cleaning the house since I need clean clothes regardless of whether or not I clean my house.

– Work out in the yard – pick up trash that has blown into the yard, rake up leaves, spray trees, hang bird house, clear out lamb’s ear.

– Create new blog for Imagin8 – new creative group I’m starting – also need to create other web presences for it.

– Pay on furniture layaway.

– Go to Agora today or tomorrow – last Agora at Junctionview Studios in Grandview, Ohio – The Studio is being demolished soon to become part of the Grandview Yards.

-Vacuum out car.

– Find a knitting/crochet project to start.

– Apply to a couple of shows I’ve been looking at.

– Transfer some of my posts from my old blog to my new blog

*** this list is enough for a few weeks worth of work!

I’m up


I’m up on Saturday morning. I woke up when the paper person threw the paper and hit my front door. My guess is that it was around 6 am. It was still very dark out with no light trying to peak out. I attempted to go back to sleep but my doggie daughter, Brandy heard me stir and she got up. She went into the entry way and got a long drink of water. Brandy only drinks water right before she goes outside to go potty. She has been using this train of thought since February of last year when I had to board her to go out of town. They didn’t take her out and she tried to hold it as long as she could. I felt bad because I thought they took your dog out for potty breaks. They didn’t advertise otherwise and I was so excited to go to knit camp that I didn’t think to ask. After Brandy’s long drink of water this morning she came and got me. It was still dark out and I really didn’t want to get up so I groaned a little bit, I’m sure I said something but whatever it was, Brandy decided not to bother me and went back to sleep.

I had set my alarm clock last night for 8, I went to bed around 1:00 am and thought 7 hours was good for a good night’s sleep. I woke up again on my own, looked around and listened, Brandy was still asleep and my Mom, who lives with me, was still asleep. I went back to sleep myself. I should have looked at the clock first, before going back to bed, because it seemed like I had just closed my eyes when the alarm went off. Brandy heard the alarm and waited patiently for me to get up. I slipped on some clothes, took her out. Ran to McD’s when I was done with her. I came back home and ate breakfast.

I watched two shows of Sewing With Nancy on PBS, half of the Pioneer Woman on Food Network and now I’m watching Desperate Landscapes on DIY. I’m contemplating laying back down for a little bit. I have a lot to do but trying to do it when you’re tired is sometimes self defeating. I’ll finish drinking my coffee and see how I feel then.

Happy Saturday!



Tonight I made a visit to my favorite thrift store, Ohio Thrift in GC. I’ve been going there for years, finding it back in my Nationwide days, when I worked in Grove City. In all the years I perused the store I never paid attention to their books or crafts. Last year my Mom and I went just to get out of the house and to save some change if we bought anything. We looked at their books and were pleasantly surprised. Their books were sorted by hardback and paperback and novels versus other book types! Oh yeah, the novels are also sorted in alphabetical order by author! After that visit I just kept wanting to go back.

About a month ago my friend Kim and her son came into town to go to a concert. While they were in town, we had planned to hit some book stores and the thrift store went on that list. While we were there we looked at the crafts which just happened to have a nice variety of yarn. To my delight there was a lot of very nice, high end yarn. I bought everything that I liked and was nice and let my mom get what she wanted.

I went home and planned what I was going to make with the yarn. I have not made anything with it yet but it is there looking very pretty!

Don’t forget to check out your local Thrift and discount stores. You may even find miscellaneous items you can use for your art and crafts or for use around your home.

Thrift On!

Working on my blog tonight


I’m new to WordPress and still learning my way around. I hope that anyone viewing my site tonight doesn’t end up with whiplash from me changing my theme a few times. Too many choices! I hope I picked one that kind of shows my personality but also conveys what Crazy Craft N Ladies is all about. Buckle up folks you’re in for a bumpy ride…..albeit it a fun one!